Body Cream

I want to share a photo of Nelly Ochoa with you that I hope will change your view of Body cream forever. Nelly had been out in the sun all day and even though she was not red, her skin was a bit sensitive. So being the crazy and wild child she is, Nelly decided to use some body cream on herself. Note. Dont give Nelly the Body cream. She went nuts as you can see and used at least half of the bottle on herself in one squeeze.

Yes yes we know it came out smoking fucking hot. And we will admit that it was more than fun watching her rub that cream into her skin. From her shoulders all the way to her toes. And she made sure to concentrate it on specific areas. Nelly thought that you might enjoy watching that part. She was right!

The hot part about this set is that its a video. Watching that cream soak into her skin. Well its going to leave you with a rock hard cock. So click the image and watch the movie right now. Nelly is waiting.

Body Cream

Do not miss out on seeing this movie. Watching that cream as it slides across her body. Covering her big round titties. Then stroking her massive cock as it gets harder.


No cam feed showing? Then Click right here. Your Browser is blocking it!

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