Bodystocking Lingerie! Check out Nellys tits!

Bodystocking Lingerie! Check out Nellys tits! So this guys is what Bodystocking Lingerie looks like. So now if I ever ask you to buy me one and send it to me! You know what I want and basically how it should look. Another thing. It’s generally one size fits all so its an easy purchase. Wink Wink! So. Now take a look at me in this bodystocking and tell me what comes to mind? Are you thinking about my big round tits? Or are you staring down at my big cock? Close your eyes and imagine getting behind me. Reach around with one hand and play with my tits and nipples. With the other hand reach down and stroke my cock and also my balls.

Bodystocking lingerie

Now as you feel your cock get hard. Dab some lube on the head of your cock and put it against my tranny pussy. Gently start to push and feel the lips of my hole slowly spread for your cock.

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Hung Shemale Nelly Ochoa poses in red lingerie!

Hung Shemale Nelly Ochoa poses in red lingerie! So yes for those of you who have not yet see her. This amazing beauty is Hung Shemale Nelly Ochoa! Just take a quick look at the photo below as well as the clip from a BTS video of her modeling lingerie. Nelly loves to hear what her fans have to say. So make sure and rate and also comment any sets that you enjoy. Then make sure to contact her as well so she can tell you about more of her turn on’s and off’s.

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Hung Shemale Nelly Ochoa

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Panties and Bra

Who love panties and bra on a trans girl that fills them up no matter what? We all do of course and that is one of the things I came to show you today of Nelly Ochoa. Take a look at this panties and bra set and see what I am talking about. Number 1 I mean the photo set and number two I mean the lingerie set. Its HOT and that body makes them look amazing.

Can you see how her tits fill out that bar? Opps. No not really because she has her tits popped out. But you can get the idea just by staring at her big round tits and those perfect nipples. She has an amazing rack.

Then peek down between her legs and take a look at those panties. For now they still contain her cock but you can tell the fabric is stressed and tight and ready to let that cock free at any moment. You just need to be watching when it does. Click the image right now to see more of this.

Panties and Bra

Lingerie like this panties and bra set are a huge turn on but its the body inside that is the thing we all want to see. So do not miss out on watching as Nelly strips off this lingerie and lets it all hang out just for you!

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Skin tight underwear

Plenty of hot trans girls love to show off. They wear lingerie and all sorts of sexy clothing. But when a girl like Nelly Ochoa puts on skin tight underwear and it looks sexy. Well then you have found the body of the trans girl you have always wanted. That means sexy time!

As you can see by Nelly’s skin tight underwear she does have a pretty damn amazing body. With big round and very firm tits. To her big and round ass. In fact there is enough ass back there for two girls. But I guess the hottest part to point out is the cock that Nelly has tucked between her legs. That thing is huge and big enough for three girls to have some.

If you have never seen Nelly showing off her big fat trans girl cock. Well then its time to see it. So click right now on the image below to see more.
Skin Tight Underware

If you have ever wanted to peel the panties off of a hot trans girl and have her cock pop out. Nelly is the girl for you. And she has so many different kinds of panties to model for you. Just take a look at the tour of her website and you will see for yourself.

Tranny Nipples

Do you like them dark or light. Big or small? What kind of tranny nipples turn you on and what do you think about when you see them? Do you want them in your mouth instantly or in your hands so that you can also feel the weight of the girls tits as well? How big? Or how small and tight do you like to see tranny nipples? We all have our own ideas but its often fun to talk about them. Show them off. Let us know what your favorite is and how they look. If you can just show us some of your own photos.

The girl in the image showing off her beautiful Tranny nipples is Nelly Ochoa. This is her blog after all. And she happens to have a perfect set of nipples that she loves to show. No matter what she wears clothing wise her tits and nipples are the center stage and she does everything that she can to draw attention to them. From wearing the tightest clothing to the smallest or lowest cut tops that she can. She wants you attention on her tits as much as she does on the rest of her thick and juicy body.

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Tranny Nipples


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Hard body trans

Do you like a hard body trans. I mean a trans girl with more muscle than you might find on a GG? Take a look at Nelly and tell me if you think it might be fun to have a roll in the sheets with this hard body trans. She most certainly has a nice set of tits as you can see in the photo. By the way is that not the most perfect side boot shot ever? But she also happens to have a nice big ass and some very thick and juicy legs. But her legs are more muscle and they look amazing in high heels.

Nelly also happens to have a very big trans girl cock. And when we say big, we mean that she is sporting more than 10 inches of meat. So for a lot of you guys right there the deal is sealed and you are ready to have some fun. For the rest of you all you need is a bit more time and some more photos. So to get to those all you need to do is click on a text link or the image below. That way you can see a lot more of this hard body trans. In fact I promise you will love the movies of her.

Hard body trans

Stockings legs heels and a big cock!

Stockings legs heels and a big cock! So which part is your favorite? Stockings legs heels or the big cock? Or for you is it the same as for the rest of us. Its a big combination of everything. The legs without stockings dont look quite as sexy! Also the heels make the legs more shapely and sensual. Then when you also ad in the panties, the big cock stuffed into them and the big round tits. Wow its walking hardon time.

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stockings legs heels

Another thing is the over all desire. Nelly has a massive desire to fuck. She wants to get fucked raw and give it as good as you can give it.

So if your looking for the perfect trans fuck bunny then she is the one.

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Fuck a Tranny ass! Nelly Ochoa is ready for your cock!

Fuck a Tranny ass! Nelly Ochoa is ready for your cock! How about you come by and drop a load on in this amazing tranny ass! For those of you who have never had a chance to Fuck a Tranny ass! Right now is your chance. Nelly Ochoa will be making all new movies soon and she wants some guys for the videos. If your up for fucking that ass then let her know. Sadly this is a Members only and also Nellys choice thing.

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Fuck A tranny ass

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Trans Nelly Ochoa in a sexy bra!

Trans Nelly Ochoa in a sexy bra! Check out the amazing cleavage this bra creates with these big tits. Trans Nelly Ochoa looks amazing and those tits look like the perfect place to drop a load. Just close your eyes and imagine throat fucking Nellys mouth. You can feel the tension in your balls building. Also you can feel that ache in your shaft as it gets harder and how her teeth scrape across the shaft and head of you cock! Give that throat a few final hard and deep thrusts forcing Nellys head down on your cock. Then violently pop it out of her mouth and make the final few strokes with you hand and shoot that hot man cream across her big round tits!

Trans Nelly Ochoa

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Implant Tranny tits. Come and see Nellys!

Implant Tranny tits. Come and see Nellys! If you think that my Implant Tranny tits look good in this photo set. Wait until I post the next ones. I had my implants redone and now they are almost two times the size. So my tits are very big and round and beautiful. They need a good titty fucking and even more. They need a lot of loads of man cream smeared all over them. I love when a man jerks off to my tits and shoots his load all over my big tranny cleavage!

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Implant Tranny Tits

I know that you like the thought. So stop thinking about it and just do it. I wont tell and neither will you.

Climb on board and play with these tranny implants right now.

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Nelly Ochoa’s Lingerie! She has quite the collection

Nelly Ochoa’s Lingerie! She has quite the collection! And the only way for yo to see Nelly Ochao’s Lingerie is in her website. Yes as you can see here you get a small sample in a single photo or a short video clip.

But all the unedited stuff is in her members and is waiting for you. Just click on a text link and join her almost instantly. Once inside check out the photos and also the videos. Make sure to rate and comment on the sets you like the most.

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Nelly Ochoa's Lingerie

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White Lingerie.

Hi guys. I wanted to share a set that I shot recently because of the gift I got. About a week ago DHL showed up with a package and it was this beautiful white lingerie set. Attached to the box was a note signed, ” From an adoring fan! ” That’s it nothing more. So I decided the best way to share this lingerie was to post it no only in my members area but also here on the blog. I do hope that someone will let me know if they sent it. I would like to offer them a personal thank you!!!

So enjoy this sample photo and then make sure to comment below and let me know what you think.

Personally I think the panties around my ankles are super hot!
White Lingerie

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Hugs and kisses