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Long Tranny Cock Nelly Ochoa wants to play!

Long Tranny Cock Nelly Ochoa wants to play! So yes, a lot of guys say I have a Long Tranny cock! What do you think and also how do you feel about it. I was wondering if maybe the idea of a long cock like mine bothers you. It coud be that you like my face and hair and tits. But the cock part is a bit much?

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Long Tranny Cock

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Tranny Cock Play in the sex swing! Nelly OChoa!

Tranny Cock Play in the sex swing! Nelly OChoa! So every now and then its time to have some hot tranny cock play! And there are few trannys out there as hot as Nelly Ochoa and with as big of a cock! There are also few with a much muscle. So if you want to check out the hottest new super star! Then you need to see more of the amazing and stunning Nelly Ochoa!

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The video is a touch shaky at the beginning because Nelly was enjoying the swing! But once she started stroking that massive cock for you. It was a hot time to be there.

Tranny cock play

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TS Nelly Ochoa’s big ass!

TS Nelly Ochoa’s big ass! And yes I am sure you want some of this. Not only is my ass big and firm but my little love hole is so tight it will peel the smallest cock as it goes in. For that reason we have to use a lot of lube and take our time! But I soo need your cock in my ass!

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TS Nelly Ochoa's big ass

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White Lingerie.

Hi guys. I wanted to share a set that I shot recently because of the gift I got. About a week ago DHL showed up with a package and it was this beautiful white lingerie set. Attached to the box was a note signed, ” From an adoring fan! ” That’s it nothing more. So I decided the best way to share this lingerie was to post it no only in my members area but also here on the blog. I do hope that someone will let me know if they sent it. I would like to offer them a personal thank you!!!

So enjoy this sample photo and then make sure to comment below and let me know what you think.

Personally I think the panties around my ankles are super hot!
White Lingerie

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Hugs and kisses


Spread Legs.

Hearing or reading that term Spread legs brings all sorts of things to mind. For most of us here we envision and mostly desire to see exactly what we see below. Being 100% certain you have figured out that this is Nelly Ochoa you already knew that the term Spread legs meant getting to see something wonderful.

Yep that’s right. We all know that Nelly is Hung. And we don’t mean just a big cock. But a rather Huge cock. To the point that to have on this little panties and skirt set being one piece and rather small she had to make some sort of allowance to get as much inside the panties as she could. So the balls had to be out. Take a close look!

Spread legs

Yes I know its hard to get your eyes off those round tits. But once you do you can see what I mean about the space for her cock. That cock is so fat and also thick that it needs space. So her balls got to enjoy the breeze. Well at least for this photo.

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