Spread Legs.

Hearing or reading that term Spread legs brings all sorts of things to mind. For most of us here we envision and mostly desire to see exactly what we see below. Being 100% certain you have figured out that this is Nelly Ochoa you already knew that the term Spread legs meant getting to see something wonderful.

Yep that’s right. We all know that Nelly is Hung. And we don’t mean just a big cock. But a rather Huge cock. To the point that to have on this little panties and skirt set being one piece and rather small she had to make some sort of allowance to get as much inside the panties as she could. So the balls had to be out. Take a close look!

Spread legs

Yes I know its hard to get your eyes off those round tits. But once you do you can see what I mean about the space for her cock. That cock is so fat and also thick that it needs space. So her balls got to enjoy the breeze. Well at least for this photo.

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TS Nelly Ochoa Sideboob!

TS Nelly Ochoa Sideboob! Hi guys. Can you honestly believe that when I went to the surgeon to talk about my implants I did two things that they thought were silly? First of all I introduced myself as TS Nelly Ochoa! And then I also said I needed to have the sexiest Sideboob shots around. Another thing I told them. Feel free to play with my cock during surgery but please don’t remove it. The Doctor laughed until he turned red. Then he sucked my cock until I exploded!

TS Nelly Ochoa

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Tranny Tits Out! Nelly Ochoa poses outdoors!

Tranny Tits Out! Nelly Ochoa poses outdoors! Check out this photo set of me guys! I have on this super sexy dress that really looks nice and I also have my Tranny Tits out! This set is so amazing. I had fun and there were also a lot of cars slowing down to watch!

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Tranny Tits Out

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Hanging Tranny Balls! Nelly Ochoa Outdoors!

Hanging Tranny Balls! Nelly Ochoa Outdoors! I love getting naked outdoors and I found this shot of my hanging tranny balls very sexy. I just wanted to fuck myself!! Heheheh. If you love the look of balls hanging down like this and especially my tranny balls! Then you are going to really love being a member in my website.

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Hanging Tranny Balls

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Nelly Ochoa Lingerie shoots!

Nelly Ochoa Lingerie shoots! Well guys. I have posted photos of me in close and also lingerie and even naked. So now I ask what do you prefer to see samples of. Me, I prefer my Nelly Ochoa Lingerie ones! I think I look the hottest in the lingerie and then stripping it off to be naked and make my cock hard for you. What do you think? Do you prefer the clothes or what? Click a text link now and come and check out more of this set. Watch me walking around in the hall way of this open hotel. Then watch me get naked for you and show off my big round tits and thick and juicy cock.

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Nelly Ochoa lingerie

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Nelly Ochoa spreading ass! And in High heels and Lingerie!

Nelly Ochoa spreading ass! And in High heels and Lingerie! For those of you who have not yet seen Nelly Ochoa this is her. She is a tall blonde trans with big round tits. A very thick ass and legs and a cock that swings really low. She loves heels and lingerie and Nelly Ochoa spreading ass is the only way to get into that tight and amazing love hole. Just wait until you get a close up of that tunnel. Stick your own cock in for the best view. You will be lucky if it does not get peeled back as it spreads her lips.

Nelly Ochoa spreading ass

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Short Tranny Dress. And outdoors none the less!

Short Tranny Dress. And outdoors none the less! Check out the short tranny dress on Nelly Ochoa. Normally this is the kind of dress a tranny will wear to a night club but she always packs her cock in panties. Nelly wanted to show off her new dress in the street and also took off her panties to do it. She said it would be a lot sexier for her site members. Well? What do you think? Make sure that once you join her members area and see the rest of this set to rate and also comment. Let her know if it was a hot set. Tell her if it got your cock hard and also wet. Did it make your love hole pulse with desire?

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Short tranny dress

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Big Cock Nelly OChoa! Check out this body!

Big Cock Nelly OChoa! Check out this body! Hi guys! Thats right this is my new Official Blog and I will be posting here as often as I can and also a friend will be posting for me. And yes I am The Big cock Nelly OChoa! Just look at my photo.

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Big Cock Nelly Ochoa

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